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Platypus Incorporated

was founded in late 2011 by a small group of individuals concerned at the plight of
young Vietnamese who are unable to afford formal education. Chairman Bob Greer had spent nine
months in Indochina researching the Vietnam War, leading to the publication of Journey among
Heroes, and met many young people who are indirect victims of the wars of 1946-1975.

Platypus Charity membersTeaming up with kindred spirits led to the incorporation of Platypus, which seeks to assist deserving young people raise their standards of living, and that of their families  and communities through education. Education has been treasured by the Vietnamese for centuries.

Platypus will seek donations from anyone who cares enough about social justice to make a donation, however small, to a good cause. Projects will be undertaken as funds permit even as

Platypus accumulates funds to become a foundation, in order that in time projects become internally funded. Under no circumstances will educational projects be initiated that cannot be sustained – it is better to do nothing than to withdraw support after one or two years.

Platypus raises funds by hosting an annual fund raising dinner usually held in a venue in Perth Western Australia. We also offer special events like motorcycle and cycle tours around Vietnam, for the pleasure of
riders who wish to experience this amazing country and its peoples. The proceeds provide vital education funding and funding for future Platypus projects.


Platypus Incorporated has a home state (Western Australia) collection license which enables the charity to seek support globally online.

Platypus Incorporated ABN 53 795 406 579

Charitable Collections Licenses Nos. CH2133 (Qld) 21263 (WA)   22235 (NSW)

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