At present we have 3 main activities:

  • Youth: Helping 210 children experience the full school program. Assisting school graduates to advance to Vocational studies and University where appropriate.
  • Families: Silk Worm farming community project to assist poor families to create an income and start a better financial future in one of the poorest regions.
  • Families and Elders: A micro-banking loan to lift living standards and help the elders prepare for retirement, which in the mountains means stopping work when you are no longer capable of working.

Ongoing generosity from our loyal supporters enabled us once again to undertake new challenges in Ha Giang Province, one of the poorest of Vietnam’s 58 provinces.

We were able to maintain our support for 100 students in that province, plus our 100 in Quang Nam Province despite the decline in value of our currency. This was a priority for us as the families could not afford a reduction in our financial assistance.

In view of the weakening dollar and the very tight Australian economy we decided that rather than add students to our education lists we would tackle a couple of discretionary projects on a trial basis in order to spread a little help more widely as so many families need a hand.

Micro-banking had been trialed the year before and looks very promising indeed, so this year a further 13 families came aboard. Details on this website under the “Projects” tab will give you some idea of what we are doing with your support. It is also looking good, with some of our clients looking highly entrepreneurial and apparently thoroughly enjoying their changed economic outlook. We will monitor their progress.

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