Deidre’s Gift – The Sequel

Under the tab Deidre’s Gift elsewhere on this website is the story of a $50 gift that gave a family a fresh financial start after what was to them a major setback.  In September 2013 we presented them with a pair of suckling piglets and continued on our way.  We at Platypus wondered how things might turn out, so in September 2014 I visited the family once more. It was chaotic!
Blessing and Blossom each produced 4 piglets, courtesy of a visit by some handsome boar from the district we presume. Tragically, Blessing took ill at some stage and departed for that great pigs trough in the sky, but Blossom is the most generous of souls and took over responsibilities from her sister and the result is plain to see.

2014 pigs

A Blossoming pig sty and a great result for one family.

It is a casual and stress-free porcine family. Blessing is not big on discipline, but she is long on love. Her Hmong family is considering retaining a young sow or even 2 to maintain breeding numbers, but that is a major decision – the Hmong are gifted in these matters and accommodation has to be up to scratch, so a building program might have to be undertaken.

We probably will not visit the family again (we have started a small micro-banking project further up the road that is mentioned in our project update, and that will keep us busy) but they are well on the road to recovery. Our local partner, the Women’s Union, will keep us informed of their progress and welfare but this is one happy story.
This is all due to a lady in Clarkson who had a lazy $50! to donate.  Actually, I don’t think it was really all that spare but I doubt Deidre ever had better value for her dollar.

Message to Deidre:  The picture tells the story. Bravo Deidre!

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