Motorbike Adventure rides

Platypus offers very special Vietnam motorbike adventure rides for those who enjoy riding and want to see and experience some of the most spectacular country in South East Asia. Our rides are for those who simply want to enjoy a magnificent motorcycle trip around places of historical interest, mainly in beautiful surrounds and well off the tourist trail. Check out this Youtube video to get a taste of what to expect on the Mountain Run ride through North Vietnam.


Vietnam motorbike adventure ride

We are delighted to present our fundraising motorbike rides through North and South Vietnam for your consideration. Our inaugural motorbike tour in 2013 saw riders mainly from the Albany region and 2014 featured mainly members of the Bunbury Indian and Harley motorcycle Club. Both motorbike rides were most enjoyable and we clearly have a great formula that presents good value whilst raising money for a most deserving cause.



Vietnam motorbike adventure rides

The ride dates:

The Mountain run motorbike ride (north) typically commences in October to take advantage of the better weather in the mountains. We avoid riding in Hanoi for reasons of safety so all rides start about 20 klms outside the city . The map below plots a typical route and overnight stays but is subject to change from year to year. The ride covers some historically important areas of the French War but we have selected this route because it is stunning country with interesting back roads that give us an opportunity to interact with some fascinating people, many from ethnic minority groups. We will also drop in on a school in the far north-west of Vietnam where we support a number of students.

The Southern ride which incorporates some sections of the Ho chi Minh trail commences in April each year and takes riders through some spectacular country heading south from Hanoi and ending up in Nha Trang.

You will find elsewhere on our website photos and reports( 2013 ride,  2014 ride, 2015 ride) of the previous rides – that will give you a good idea as to what you may expect. Unfortunately the photos can never do the scenery any justice.

Northern Route - Vietnam motorbike adventure ride

Northern route from Hanoi through the Mountains (click to enlarge map)


Southern route - Vietnam motorbike adventure ride

Map of the Southern route from Hanoi to Nha Trang (click to enlarge map)


Laos - Vietnam motorbike adventure rides

Map of the Laos southern route from Hanoi to Hoi An (click on map to enlarge)

The roads:

The vast majority of roads are bitumen surface. There will be potholes and stretches where loose gravel or mud covers parts of the road. Then there are dirt roads, roads under construction and quite possibly the occasional landslide to deal with. Occasionally you may have all these surfaces on a short stretch of road – it makes for an interesting and exciting ride with average speed over the 2000km around the 45km/hr mark. Highly experienced riders have rated these rides as superb: they are challenging, but the emphasis is on enjoyment and responsible riding rather than demonstrations of riding prowess. Join us and ride for sheer pleasure and wonder.


It is an adventure ride. A motorcycle license issued in your home country is required and we will be interested to learn of your riding experience but whilst this is not a ride for novices, nor is it for experts only.


Lighter motorbikes are preferred for the mountainous conditions, mostly Honda XR 125 and CBF 150s but 250cc motor bikes are available. Bigger heavier motorbikes don’t suit the terrain.

Pillion passengers:

Pillion passengers may be accepted, but they will be allocated a slightly heavier bike of 250cc capacity. Where difficult stretches of road are encountered the tour guide is authorised to relocate the pillion rider to the van until the road smooths out. This will be done strictly when necessary for the Safety of the riders and pillion passengers.

Van passengers:

There is limited room in the support van for passengers, who may occasionally be roped into ambassadorial duty, handing out cuddly toys to youngsters in impoverished areas or inflating balloons or generally dishing out goodwill to some of the nicest people on this planet. This is a critical function on Platypus rides, one passed down by a tour company that is strongly committed to community welfare.


We have been involved with SenAsia from the start and their service is outstanding. All bikes are checked at the end of the day and serviced as required and they have never disappointed us.



Most insurers specifically exclude motorcyclists from travel cover, or restrict bike sizes. Platypus can offer a comprehensive travel insurance cover which will include all the usual items but also include motorcycle cover for around $70 per rider.


Boots offering adequate ankle support are required. Helmets are supplied, but by all means bring your own if you wish. Basic but adequate ponchos are available in case of inclement weather. Long pants and riding jacket are mandatory, although they can be purchased in Hanoi at good prices. Most riders wear body armor even though speeds are consistently below 70km/hr and average around 45km/hr.


Accommodation is of a good standard, probably between 2 and 3 stars and the food tends to be the best available, bearing in mind we are often on the road less traveled. We book into one hotel in Hanoi 2 days before the ride and leave excess luggage there at no cost.

Travel luggage:

One compact travel bag per person is loaded onto the support vehicle. Should an emergency require a bike to be loaded onto the support vehicle, each rider may have to carry their luggage on their bikes. This is highly unlikely, but we prepare for it.


Prices vary depending on the route and prices are subject to minor changes.

The itineraries below detail the route and the costs for the ride.  A mandatory donation to Platypus Charity of AUD $500.00 is not included in the ride costings.

The full cost of your ride will be the ride cost as per the itinerary plus the donation plus gratuities paid to the guides at the end of the ride. Even with these costs combined its still one of the cheapest rides in Vietnam.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to coronavirus restrictions our rides will be put on hold until further notice. We hope to run a ride in 2021 before or after the Vietnam Grand Prix which will probably be run in April 2021. Please email to express your interest as there will be only 12 vacancies.

RIDE 2 – 2021 Vietnam Formula 1 GP ride (Apr 2021) – 

RIDE 3 – Bucket list rides We also tailor routes to your requirements. Ask us!

(All ride itineraries are subject to minor changes)

To secure your spot:

Please fill out the form below to register your interest. This will ensure you will immediately be placed on our communication list so you are updated as the Motorbike ride develops. For all Motorcycle rides a deposit of $200 AUD will be required 3 months prior to the ride to secure your seat, with full donation of AUD $500 required before the ride commences. If you are a definite starter we can secure your spot immediately. Please indicate this by selecting this option on the form below. We can supply you with contact details for some of the previous riders who can give you the good oil on the ride, Platypus Charity and anything else you wish to know.


Please register your interest here. We will contact you to confirm your spot as soon as possible.

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